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We're gonna fight the way dad taught us. And if we go down, we'll do it swingin'

The Poo
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I am
A crazy person, sometimes strange since my brain switches on and off as it likes... everybody calls me The Poo, still I have Wolverine moments, so you can imagine me as a Wolverine Poo, which is a creepy or adorable image, as you wish. A pretty funny one, with the best temper ever. There's a bit of Jekill/Hyde thing here, sometimes I'm calm and relaxed and lovely, the moment later I could snarl and bite even the air around me. A mental one, that's what I am. Messy too. Pessimistic, hate to admit it but alas, that I am. It ends bloody or sad. I love very few people, but for them I would willingly give my life. Impulsive, coffee addicted, sometimes I love talking like a machine gun, then suddenly I hate talking or hearing voices babbling.
...you can really say I'm a normal one XDDD
I love
Having a diary and writing it in english. Listen to the music, whatever and wherever; even if sometimes the Hyde part of my brain makes me dance like an obsessed funny little thing. Telefilms, rough ones and silly ones. Photos, taking or seeing 'em. Licia Troisi, and whatever she writes. My nintendo DS. Nights spent laughing with friends. Christmas, the whole December when everything is cold and coloured and Santa's on the way. Supernatural, couldn't live without the whole thing, Jared&Jensen included. The snow... even if I love and hate it after the nine times I fell last January. Friuli, Zottiland expecially. Football on tv, expecially when Italy gets to play, and Grandma and I are yeeeeeeeeh. The whole World Cup period, when everyday's a party and adrenalina mixes with the colours you love. Looking at Grandma cooking. Cooking Vale, she's GOD. Merlin's face whenever Arthur says "you idiot!". Reading in my bed. Mythology, in every tradition. Miyaker, expecially when she's using Photoshop. Babies, expecially redheads, the silent and self-sufficient ones. My room, because it's there I feel safe sometimes. Mamy's humourism. Fiorello, Brignano, Ale & Franz and all the happy family. Going to Fnac and spend time there, even if I can't buy anything. Sunny cold days in winter, with me walking happily with my long and multicolour scarf. Sunset, during summer or winter. Driving, but not here where people don't even know what higway code means... and with a preference to Venice, probably in the night, since it's not so far from me.
I hate
Too many things, and too often. Hot summers, I just hate them. Traffic, wherever and expecially here in Naples where everyone believes streets are part of their private gardens. Hypocrital people. Lies, if they're not for a real reason. Silvio Berlusconi. Spoiled brats, I can't say it's hartred, but they do annoy me sooner or later. When someone points his finger judging, and not saying something useful. Life, when it's the kingdom of injustice (so almost everytime). Cooking Vale, who wants me to do mama things while I'm daddish and she knows it u.u . Necks and necklaces XD don't ask me why, maybe I was a Robin Hood in another life and ended up hanged! My pupils when they don't listen to me. My aunts. Vodafone!characters, when everything's around them. Me when I end up whiny and sulky for more than half an hour. Despair, because it makes you unable to think properly. Fear, for the same reason. Anything when I'm in Wolverine mode.
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